icon name damage dur wt Stats Needed
Stat Bonuses
location special note
bramd icon Bramd 210/0/0
950 36.0 36*/0/0/0
Black Phantom Garl Vinland drop Pure White World Tendency required in the Valley Of Defilement
can be upgraded using a Colorless Demon's Soul
increases Poison and Plague resistance
great club icon Great Club 100/0/0
140 5.0 20*/0/0/0
2-1 treasure
5-1 Boss area (from a random corpse by knocking unique entities off the map prior to the boss area. 10 will guarantee the Great Club)
5-1, 5-2 Giant Depraved Ones drop
+0 - Meat Cleaver
meat cleaver icon Meat Cleaver 90/90/0
400 10.0 26*/0/0/16
upgraded weapon
consumes Swollen Demon's Soul
gain 1% of HP each hit