icon name use availability
ed's grindstone icon Ed's Grindstone repairs complete durability to right handed weapons/shields found mostly in the Boletarian Palace and
Stonefang Tunnel
sold by the Blacksmith Boldwin and the Filthy Man
augite of guidance icon Augite of Guidance creates a small orb of light on the ground found in various places
sold by the Once Royal Mistress
soul remains icon Soul Remains decoy item. Diverts the attention of most enemies to the remains found mostly in the Shrine of Storms
sold by the Graverobber Blige
shard of archstone icon Shard of Archstone transports the player back to the Nexus with all recovered souls found in various places
sold by the Patches, the Hyena
stone of ephemeral eyes icon Stone of Ephemeral Eyes when used in Soul Form, returns the player to Body Form, restoring full HP and MP found various places