asian north american comments
Crystal Geckos Crystal Lizards -
Face Bugs Man Centipede 3-2 and 3-3 enemies
Goblins, Trolls etc Depraved Ones Valley of Defilement enemies
Jailer Warden Tower of Latria: Jailer's Key is Warden's Key etc
Legion Prisoner Horde 3-1 and 3-2 enemy
Lizardmen Scale Miners Stonefang Tunnel enemies
Lord Rydyell Lord Rydell Inconsistencies in all versions -- this is a spelling error, not a translation change
Mantas, Storm Beasts Storm Beasts Shrine of Storms enemies
Fat Minister Fat Official -
Phalangeal Hoplite 1-1 enemies
Plague Babies Filthy Ones Valley of Defilement enemies
Royal Royalty Royalty character class
Tomato Bugs Giant Ticks 5-1 enemy
Wannabe Allant King Allant Final Boss inside the Old One