asian north american comments
Beggar's armor set Dull Gold armor set Selen Vinland or Slug drop
Brand Bramd 5-3 Garl Vinland drop
Crescent Axe Half-moon Axe Strangely, 'Half-moon' appears in Atlus' 'Official Guide',
but the axe is still identified as 'Crescent' in the NA game itself ( sample p.23 )
Curved Rapier Spiral Rapier 3-2 Gargoyle drop
Demonbrand Demonbrandt 1-1 reward for proving your strength to Old King Doran
Gripless Hiltless 4-1 Black Phantom Satsuki drop
4-2 treasure
Keel Smasher Dragon Bone Smasher 2-3 treasure
Kris Knife Kris Blade 2-1 treasure
Lg. Splinter Of *-stone Large *-stone Shard -
* Manifer * Gauntlets Various pieces of armor
Miridan Hammer Mirdan Hammer 5-2 treasure
2-1 or 2-2 Scale Miner (Hammer) drop
Monk's Head Collar Monk's Head Wrappings 3-3 reward for defeating a player while summoned as the Old Monk's Black Phantom
North Regalia Northern Regalia Forged by Blacksmith Ed from Demonbrant, Soulbrant, and False King's Demon's Soul
Paring Dagger Parrying Dagger 3-1 treasure
Mephistopheles drop
Pulpstone Marrowstone -
Sais War Scythe 4-2 Reaper drop
5-2 treasure
Soulbrand Soulbrandt King Allant drop
Splinter of Keystone Shard of Archstone -
Splinter of *-stone Shard of *-stone -
Toad-Eye Arrow Holy Arrow -
Traditional *'s Soul Storied *'s Soul -
Viscous *-Bow Sticky *-Bow -